The FUTURE is inside YOU. And you are faced with more information and choices than ever before in the history of mothering…

The decisions that face you are vast: conception, birth, and parenting have somehow become very complex choices. What’s a woman to do? Who do you listen to? Your mother, sister, your best friend…your doctor, therapist…your nanny, doula, midwife?
There are now even birth planners. Yep…just like you hired a wedding planner, you can hire a birth planner. There are fertility experts, lactation experts, birth plans and birth photographers… Birth is BIG BUSSINESS, a 60 billion dollar a year business to be exact, and that number just reflects the medical industry. The experts and propaganda are everywhere, you’ve got: The Birth Channel, Parents Magazine, Websites, ACOG…the AMA.

Who should a woman listen to?

What would you say if I told you to look in the mirror and ask yourself what to do? Do you trust YOURSELF ?

Your pregnancy and birth will change you.  At risk of stating the obvious; your body, relationships, and life are about to change… F  O  R  E  V  E  R !

Becoming a mother is a profound transformation each time. 

It really does not matter if this is your first pregnancy or your fourth YOU will be changed.  I suggest you work with the amazing power of creation moving in you and use this time to your advantage. Let’s look at the next 9 months as Mother Nature’s ultimate makeover opportunity. What if you could emerge from making a  new human even more powerful that you were when  you started. I will show you how.  Together we will explore every part of who you are, your body, mind, and soul. We will look at your relationships, with yourself, your partner, with authority and power. 

Let’s explore what it means to trust yourself.

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